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The inner child

Adults who have them are likely more resilient, creative and happier!

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The child who survived adulthood is mostly lonely. He/she usually has trouble finding 'playmates' as too many adults clear out space of their inner child to make room for practicalities and the ho-hum of life.

The truth about adult seriousness

Masking a bunch of insecurities:

Fear that their credibility and social standing would be undermined, adults suppress the expressions of their inner child such as curiosity and enthusiasm, lest they risk being seen naive, which is associated with a lack of worldly experience and guilelessness.

Some wear 'jadedness' and 'scepticism' like badges of honour, as if these are the positive outcomes of life experiences and a sign of wisdom - presumably only possible if one had been through a lot and has dealt with enough deceits and disappointments not to believe in magic any more. Few would dare open their hearts again to experience the many wonders that life still has to offer, not just deceits and disappointments. It is actually a tell...that whatever they went through, they never really bounced back from it.

And then there are some who hide their fear of going after their dreams behind the hallmarks of a mature and responsible adult, by sacrificing personal dreams and compromising self in exchange for a life of security and comfort.

Many adult lives are devoid of:

novelty because it is frivolous;

adventure because it is risky; and

magic because...what magic?!!

As they dumb the child in them, they also numb their love for life.

Why do they find little or no joy in life any more, many of them asked. But isn't it obvious?

Precious is the child that survived adulthood

Rather than being tamed by adulthood, the inner child triumphed over it.

If adulthood is an obstacle course, the inner child attempts it with enthusiasm, a sense of adventure and discovery.

Their light-heartedness, openness, and ability to marvel and laugh at the simplest things make for the best cushion for knocks and falls. 

Their sense of wonder, coupled with imagination shrink any failed attempts into tiny sporadic events among vast possibilities...they may cry for awhile but will not be defined nor stopped by them.

They are keen learners so they continue to explore, discover and conquer, one level after another with no less enthusiasm but more caution and determination in their steps.

While they build confidence in self and feel proud for achieving, their first source of joy are the ability to partake and fun in the experience.

Despite not having many 'playmates' who share their zest for discovery, sense of wonder and love for the simplest of things, these inner children give a different face and meaning to adulthood - essentially creating a kinder, more interesting and magical experience to those who would nurture them. 

To the adults who have them, the party goes on...

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