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You: The Masterpiece

In Progress

Life is the test. You are the result.

· Self-Discovery,Higher Consciousness,Self-Actualisation

"Everybody wants to be a diamond but very few are willing to get cut." - unknown

Everyone starts with a vague concept

As the architect of your life, you come with a framework (your potential) and a set of instructions (your inherent attributes) to help you with the design of your life's blueprint...albeit the framework and instructions are not explicitly made known to you.

A less conscious architect may be easily influenced by others' points of view or lured into incorporating some fancy elements present in other blueprints into his/her own.

As well-intentioned or well-informed as those influencers may be, and as impressive as some blueprints are, bear in mind that no one has the same framework and set of instructions that you possess.

You owe it to yourself to discover your potentials and work on your attributes

The rush to produce the final blueprint has got many to just inherit or copy someone else's. Without investing in discovering their frameworks and working in alignment with their instructions, these architects lack the confidence and conviction in executing their blueprints - a nagging voice keeps asking, 'What if' or saying, 'This is not it'.

Either that or they feel insecure carrying their blueprints with them, afraid to let others see and evaluate it. They know there is no strong rationales to support their blueprints, and it may even be in breach of their frameworks and instructions. Their own insecurities and internal rejection of their blueprints have them acting small/ defensive/ anxious/ angry and unhappy.

Few become the great architects that they have the potential to be and produce the great blueprints that they are tasked with.

You are the masterpiece in progress

To develop the best blueprints, architects are called to fully exert and express themselves, and maximise their potential. To do that, they would have to invest in figuring themselves out --- because the ones who could optimise themselves are inevitably the ones who know to capitalise on their natural strengths and have identified the areas where they stand the best chance to succeed.

The great joy of an architect lies in creating a masterpiece...

and Life is the means to craft you into the masterpiece that you are meant to be.

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are." - E.E. Cummings

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