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Your Existential Question Answered

A humanitarian and practical approach

· Higher Consciousness,Self-Actualisation,Happiness

“Those who have a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any 'how'.” - Victor Frankl

Today is the last day of your life.

After today, you will cease to matter. Not that nobody will remember you but there's nothing more you can do to matter or to make things right.

How do you feel? What's the first thing that comes to mind?

Did you optimise the time that you were given?

Did you give this life your best shot? 

Is there still a part of you that you didn't get to show the World? 

What have you left behind?

Do you like your answers?

If you don't like your answers, it's not too late to turn things around because you're not actually going to die today.

Life's quality is measured by the frequency & intensity of moving experiences

Life is not just about the passing of time or the accumulation of possessions and/or consumption of hedonistic experiences. You wouldn't look back and think how great your life was because of all these.

But if scenes of your life flash back in vivid and moving glory because you have moved both your own and other people's lives; lived each day with intent and purpose; struggled for it and trumped over it; given your best to it; and you know what you do this life have and/or will come to benefit or inspire someone; make their lives better and happier, and that you leave this World a better place than when you arrived, you would have lived a great life!

"The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it." -William James

To contribute the most, you have to matter most

It therefore warrants that you become a master in what you do because it is only when you're at your best would you matter and be able to contribute the most. Be prepared to struggle for it.

Think about how you may make someone's life more bearable, easier, better and/or happier.

Don't underestimate what you could do:

  • If you are a great artist, someone might have you to thank for inspiring or soothing his/her soul with your art...
  • If you are an ingenious engineer, people have you to thank for making many aspects of our lives easier... 
  • If you are an ethical food producer, we have you to thank for the food that sustain us...
  • If you are a compassionate humanitarian worker, someone have you to thank for offering hope when there seemed none...
  • If you stand up for what's right, someone would not have to suffer a wrong.

Don't look toward someone else to do it. There's a lot of work to be done. 

Our collective purpose is to make this World a better place

"What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other?" - George Eliot

How long more do you think our system could last if we are all going to be selfish, irresponsible, cruel and short-sighted?

Without compassion, magnanimity and the desire to improve matters in the long-run, our collective survival and well-being will only take a downward turn. 

Despite our differences, we all have something to contribute, not to mention that we have a stake and hence a duty to. It is up to us to make our World better, for ourselves and for the human race.

Don't focus on what you can't do; commit to doing what you can do. It doesn't have to be big, it just have to come from your heart.

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