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When the devil seeks his dues

Refuse to give it to him

· Higher Consciousness,Self-healing,Happiness

Sometimes we cultivate our own little inner devil...the one that sabotages our hopes and wishes; questions our dreams; steps all over our self-esteem; prevents us from loving others and being loved. Allow him to have his way, he'd grow bolder and stronger. Refuse to give him what he wants and he'd grow smaller and quieter.

When the devil seeks his dues, refuse to give it to him.

The devil has many lackeys. I'm not familiar with all but these three I know them well - Impatience, Anxiety and Fear.

They come by briefly normally but during trying times, you can bet on them to visit diligently and persistently.

Impatience wants results FAST. He demands it and he demands it NOW. He is impulsive and irritable, and has ladened himself with explosives. If you're fast, he gets his way. But if you're any slower, he will blow himself up. And he thinks he's doing himself a favour.

Next, Anxiety, the control freak. He feels compelled to be in control of everything and is a nervous wreck. He has to collect the dues otherwise he worries what will happen to him. He thinks if he screws this up, he is screwed. Little does he know that by wanting to be in control, he loses his control - he suffers from nervous breakdowns and panic attacks from time to time - and they stop him from getting anything important done.

Then, there is Fear. Fear is a shady figure. He lurks in the dark alleys and hides behind corners, waiting for the right moment to creep up behind you and strike. He knows everyone’s biggest weakness - shame - is avail for him to exploit. He finds skeletons in people's closets and then threatens to expose them if he faces resistance.

To tackle Impatience, just be deliberately slow - he will blow himself up.

With Impatience gone, Anxiety would be brought to his knees as they're quite the co-dependent partners.

Fear is ugly and has a miserable past; he knows shame too well. But don't feel sorry for him. Chase him away. Beat him up if you need. Send him retreating to his dark alley.

Be defiant when you come face to face with your own little inner devil.

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