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Most of our problems are "user problems".

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Have you seen a scorpion that accidentally stings itself several times a day?

What about an octopus that gets entangled by its tentacles while trying to catch its prey?

I bet you have never.

The reason being Nature doesn't give living creatures tools that won't serve them. And for each specific tool that Nature bestows upon her creations, Nature makes sure her creations know how to use it for its specific function.

With the exception of humans, it seems.

To be fair, there are people who know how to use their tools (mind, body, emotions) - the way they are supposed to. But the majority still seem clueless.

They seem to have little or no idea what brilliant and sophisticated tools they are born with. They take these tools for granted; don't bother to explore and learn about them; get confused by them; and/or even fear their own tools.

A lack of awareness, understanding and appreciation has led to these tools that were originally meant to serve them to backfire. These tools are now sabotaging the humans who own them i.e. the scorpion is getting poisoned by its own sting and the octopus doesn't know how to release itself from its own tentacles.

We can expect the extent to which humans suffer from their own tools to be far less straightforward because the more sophisticated the tools, the more complex the problem when the tools are not used properly.

On the other hand, if humans would invest in exploring and understanding his/her tools, he/she would certainly marvel at its functionalities and potentialities.

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