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The Shangri-la Within

For true happiness, seek no further than yourself

· Self-Actualisation,Happiness,Higher Consciousness

We use ‘Shangri-la’ to describe a place where Life is beautiful and harmonious and as such, near perfection.

Many venture far and wide in search for this place, not knowing that it is in fact, within.

There is a Shangri-la within.
Once you have found it, you will seek nowhere else.
All questions of leaving or staying will banish for it resides within you.
Where you go, it follows.

There is a Shangri-la within.
Where all the odd pieces of you fit together perfectly.
A mega jigsaw puzzle has finally been put together.
You can now see its full picture.
And there will be no more doubt.

There is a Shangri-la within.
Where congruence is the overarching theme.
Mind, body and soul - none of which is subordinate to the other.

They speak as One.

There is a Shangri-la within.
Where ‘Home’ is.
A place that you will always crave to return to and that is always available to you.
You feel at ease, anchored, fulfilled and loved.
A fertile ground to build an utopia.

There is a Shangri-la within.
Seek outside at your own peril.
The further you run away from you, the more elusive the Shangri-la is.
Seek within and doors will start opening one by one and finally lead you to where it is.

There is a Shangri-la within.
Tons of seekers have yet become finders.
Until they look within, it remains a mystical and far away place beyond their reach.

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