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Stop Half-arsing Your Life

All the best things in your life will come from you giving your best to it

· Self-Actualisation,Happiness,Life Mastery

Abundance, recognition, quality relationships, inner fulfilment, happiness - you name it - all the best things in your life will come from you giving your best to it and then more...

The best you

You will love him/her, for sure and would be proud that this is you. Because this best you would embody several admirable qualities - resilience, courage, resolve, creativity, expertise, wisdom and humility, just to name a few obvious ones.

The best gift to you

There are people who live with a sense of regret/ shame/ void...of not knowing what they could have achieved if they had done this and that...if they had lived their best. They feel a void because they have too many 'what ifs' for which they can't fill in the blanks.

The best gift that you can give to yourself is a life with no regret.

The best experience & emotion

There is something about giving your best to life that gratifies the soul immense sense of satisfaction, pride and love for having fully exerted and expressed yourself...and for not having let yourself down.

Give yourself the chance to witness the unfolding of a great story - that of yours. I have no doubt the emotional surge will move you to tears.

Hands down, this surpasses any other type of experience and emotion you will ever have.

The best life

The best life is the rich life.

And the rich life is one lived with intensity, not apathy or anything in between.

It is the intensity that gives life its variance, vibrancy, quality and hence, richness. People who live with intensity experience 'peak experiences' - using the great ocean as an analogy, during times of calm they may still harbour strong undercurrents; and during great times is capable of unleashing tall and powerful currents before receding to gentle waves that continuously refreshes itself on any given day.

To many, this is just plain myth.

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