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Make Things Happen

Things happen to those who deserve, not those who need.

· Life Mastery,Self-Actualisation,Happiness

You have been out of work for ages and desperately need money.

You're sick of being pushed want people to respect you.

You're lonely and you're wondering why haven't the right person came along.

And it's not like you did nothing. You did what most people would do: you have sent out hundreds of resumes; you stood firm by your standards and values; you attended dating sessions. So why haven't things worked out for you?

My question for you is - What's stopping you here?

Keep your eyes on the prize but don't think there is only one path to get there. Get creative at problem-solving. Even those who started out right get ran over if they just stayed on the same path.

It is not uncommon to see:

  • the one with no talent but have put in the hard work to master the skill surpass the one who has the talent but didn't build on it; 
  • the one who always acted with high integrity and did his work diligently get passed over for promotion because he/she did not show ambition or desire for a position of authority; 
  • the one who managed to leave a good impression but was forgotten because he/she did not show up often enough to remind people of his/her existence and indicate interest. 

The whole cosmos could be backing you up but if you do nothing/ are not doing it right/ did not follow through, things will not happen.

What are handed to you are not what you are destined for…unless you let them. Instead, they are temptations, distractions and trials sent to try you, to see if you have what it takes to live the life you truly desire.

Nobody can afford to let nature takes its course if they are currently not on the path they want. It takes conscious engineering to steer oneself onto the trajectory of his/her desired life.

What you are meant for is then what you deserve...and what you deserve is what you have searched and worked hard for.

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