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Could there possibly be a gain in loss?

· Higher Consciousness,Failures,Happiness

Many modern people are guilty of FOMO (fear of missing out) - they are often trying to achieve much, be much and have many things - all in a relatively short period of time. Without consciously managing it, it becomes a toxic way of life.

If you don't know what to choose or to pace yourself, Life will do it for you.

Sometimes things or people may be taken away from us so that we may change the way we think about them and change our lives because of such events.

Because loss is capable of evoking great emotions in us, it is capable of transforming us. The more pain a loss inflicts, the deeper its imprint in our souls and the more enduring its effects.

But know that loss isn't meant to tear us down; it is meant to help shed the excess to reveal the core so that we may rebuild a new life that is optimised and happier by investing in those that matter most.

It is often after a great loss that we:

See the true value of things

When something/ somebody is taken away from us, either we realize the importance of it (the essentials) or the unimportance of it (the dispensables).

Most people come to the realisation that what they were so adamant about having and busy chasing after, actually adds so little to their happiness after losing it - they don't need those to be happy. What they need to be happy are already present and they just need to invest more of their limited resources (time, efforts, money) to cultivate them.

Gain clarity and focus

Once the essentials and the dispensables are established, people know where they could make the most difference and where they could derive the most happiness from, they just focus on those very things. The rest are secondary or bonus.

All at once, Life feels clearer and BIGGER because they've cleaned out the unnecessary clutter and made space for what truly matter. They are comforted knowing that they don't have to be everywhere and do everything, and please everybody to be happy.

Feel grateful for both the good and the bad

They start to be thankful for the loss and pain because if not for it, they would still be living unconsciously, meandering around aimlessly or chasing the non-essential...they'd still be unsatiated and unhappy.

When they were forced to trim down to the very basics, they realized they don't need a lot yet they have a lot already. They feel a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude for all that they have and are humble when they receive more. To them, nothing is a given and they exercise care with things and people, and accord them with due respect.

Achieve abundance

When one fully embraces all that Life offers because there's joy in the good and lessons in the bad, one can only feel abundant.

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