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If you still can't decide

and why you should already

· Happiness,Higher Consciousness,Life Mastery

Decisions have consequences and they play themselves out over time. Time will pass, without us having to rush it. Whether we live a quality life that is meaningful and fulfilling, dominated by successes or failures, experience happiness or misery - sooner, later or ever - rest on our ability to be decisive and to make good decisions.

The unwillingness to trade familiarity for potential is often the reason people get stuck in analysis paralysis and remain in status quo far longer than they would like, be it a toxic relationship, a life-sucking job, an unprofitable business or simply, a mundane existence. Few are willing to bear the responsibility for screwing up, for fear of losses, hard work and/or pains.

But not deciding is also a decision, and it brings its own set of consequences - not just what you have lost but even more importantly, what you could have gained. Afterall, one can only lose what one has but there's no telling how much one could gain. If you've never risked going too far, you'd never know how far you could go.

I'm not asking you to skip the analysis process and just take the plunge; make your decisions in haste or delude you into thinking that everything will work out to be great but consider this:

What if the success rate of what you wish to attempt is high? And what if you could control the probability of success?

Here are what you could do:

Do your due diligence

You want to make as well-informed a decision as possible. A little investment in time and efforts to gather information and facts you need before making the decision will go a long way; it could save you a whole lot of time and/or emotional anguish for mitigating a misinformed decision later on.

Get different perspectives

Bounce it off a few trusted and wise people and hear some of their views or just listen to people share their experiences. We all have our blind spots and someone else could offer you perspectives that you would have overlooked otherwise. 

Seek expert's advice

Someone who has more experience and knowledge about the matter would be able to provide more objective and constructive advice and/or offer insight and knowledge that are not accessible publicly.

Trust your instincts

We tend to rationalise our decisions at the expense of other equally important aspects such as our spiritual and/or emotional needs. Our instincts on the other hand is one heck of an information processor, capable of considering various aspects before nudging you to the option that would serve you best. It is actually our greatest intelligence - guided by our subconscious, it is way more powerful and wiser than our learned minds.

Be prepared to be wrong but be committed to do what it takes to be right

Sometimes things still don't happen the way we want despite the best of intentions and plans. Do you whine, blame and regret then? No, you accept it, move on and improvise along the way. You can be stubborn about your end goals but be flexible about the path you take to reach there.

Whatever needs to change, can change...but not after a series of critical decision-making. 

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