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Freedom & Happiness

Why Is Freedom Needed for Happiness?

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To be free, is human nature.

We are happy only if we feel free.

Think about why:

  • people want financial freedom
  • they prefer autonomy to being told what to do
  • societies fought for democracy
  • cities build observatories
  • we feel better in wide spaces than in small spaces


  • having financial freedom means you're free to do/ buy what you want when you want
  • exercising autonomy means you're free to express and be yourself
  • democracy means you are free to decide for yourself
  • observatories allow us to view far beyond and give us a sense of expansiveness and freedom.
  • wide spaces mean having more space/ freedom to move around

Humans crave freedom and expansiveness. But sometimes we build walls around us to protect ourselves.

Unhappy people spend their lives avoiding what might go wrong (coping behavior) instead of creating what they want happen for them (thriving behavior).

And where fear is, happiness is not (drill this into your head).

I'm referring to unhealthy fear.

Healthy fear is human instinct, a survival mechanism that keeps us out of danger - it keeps us alert and on our toes when we sense potential danger. It beckons us to exercise due diligence and use our intelligence to overcome challenges. This type of fear doesn't cause unhappiness but may even energise us.

Unhealthy fear is learned - its purpose is to seek approval, certainty and comfort - it keeps people from pursuing that which has a chance of failure and/or that may be disapproved by others. This type of fear WILL cause unhappiness because it holds people back from expressing who they truly are and to experience all that Life has to offer.

Ironically, the people who don't feel fear are the ones who are MOST afraid - because they have been choosing all the safe options that will not make them feel uncomfortable and afraid…

they may not feel fear but they also don't feel passion, enthusiasm, aliveness, optimism, inspiration and anticipation - all the wonderful emotions that contribute to one feeling happy.

When the walls that they build to protect themselves become the same ones that imprison them, they can only become unhappy.

Freedom is the basis for happiness. If you want to be happy, you MUST feel free.

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