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Bored: What It Means

Decoding what YOU are telling you

· Happiness,Self-Actualisation,Higher Consciousness

I like to say that we all have a greater self within us.

By that, I'm not sure if it is a spiritual thing or simply a higher intelligence that science has not yet found a way to measure and validate, or they're actually the same thing. In any case, I am certain it exist. Call it inner intelligence if you like.

This greater self knows more about us, our potential and what we need to do to become the person that we have the potential to be, more than we do.

Though not many people are attuned to it. I know I wasn't before.

For self-preservation, your rational mind will suffice. But for self-fulfilment i.e. to become your most authentic and greater version, you'd have to learn to listen to your greater self and follow its guidance.

The Message Behind 'Bored'

Making you feel bored is one way your greater self sends you signal, and the message encoded within is this --- you have outgrown the status quo.

Making you feel bored is to have you feeling restlessness and dissatisfaction so that you'd be motivated to explore and to get out of your comfort zone.

Its purpose? To have you seek and grow so that you'd eventually become the person that you have the potential to be, and live the Life that you are potentially set for.

Wonder why highly intelligent people get bored easily despite being interested in and learning many things? Their propensity and capacity for the extent of knowledge and wisdom is meant to
correspond with their high potential.

While highly intelligent people's boredom occur intermittently and are easily overcome as soon as they go about seeking new knowledge or skills, there are some people who are perpetually bored from doing nothing or engaging in meaningless activity - either out of complacency or laziness. These people are doing themselves a huge disfavour by keeping themselves in a constant state of dissatisfaction, capping their own growth and living unfulfilled lives. And then they ask, 'Is this all that Life is all about?'

If they were more conscious about it, they would have got themselves out of the rut and went about realizing their potential.

The Action Required

You could have outgrown your job; your social network; or your living environment or everything at one go.

But it doesn't necessarily mean abandoning the existing and seek something entirely new and different. It may simply require you to deepen existing skills/ knowledge to elevate to a higher level of mastery or seek out people who are smarter than you and who would inspire you.

Don't overthink it. Go with reasonable gut feel and due diligence. In the worst case scenario, you make a U-turn but in the process of it, you have eliminated one option. Cross out enough of what don't work and you'd come to know what work.

Some people fear wasting time trying different things but how could time spent learning and mastering ourselves and something be wasted?

We don't waste time trying. We only waste the life that we've been given by not living it the way it is supposed to be...

fulfilled and happy.

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