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15 things to get from your day!

No more excuses to just get through the day!

· Happiness,Life Mastery,Success

1. Happiness

Feel the happiness from within. Do what makes you happy. Be with people who makes you happy. Make others happy. OR be happy for no reason!

2. Passion

Find your passion and let it drive you!

3. Savour

Savour good company, meaningful convos, awesome views, delish food, great art, stunning beauty, moving sounds, poetic words.

4. Lesson

Learn from your own and other people's failures - let them build you up. Learn about your strengths and weaknesses. Learn more about yourself to create a Life that is better aligned with who you truly are.

5. Growth

Become 1% better every day. Practise a skill. Learn a new one. Read a new book. Talk to someone new. Make new discoveries.

6. Inspiration

Get high with inspiration. Fantasise. Let your imagination run wild and see what outrageous or ingenious ideas you can get!

7. Awe

Be wowed. Nature and cosmos has that power.

8. Create

Create something that means much to you, that represents you, that shows the World who you are.

9. Give

Contribute to something. Give value. Leave your legacy. Make a difference. Make yourself count.

10. Exercise

Invest in your health. Keep yourself healthy, agile and feeling good!

11. Meditate

Clear your mind. Regulate your nervous system. Clarify your thoughts.

12. Love

Love wholeheartedly. Praise somebody. Lend a helping hand. Pat their backs. Hold the door or lift for someone. Hug. Smile. Let others do the same to you.

13. Connect

Make time for the ones who matter. Make new connections or reconnect with old ones.

14. Pleasure

Because all work and no play is no Life.

15. Do Nothing

As you rightly should after a day of getting so much!

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